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C.M. Mare

We select, with careful attention, the best catch coming from the fishing boats of Mazara del Vallo, supplying it to our warehouse located in Mazara del Vallo. Based on customer requests, a process of actual selection of all the fish takes place which goes from dividing the fresh fish into convenient boxes to blast chilling it at a temperature not exceeding -20°C in each part of the mass of the product for at least 24 hours, as regards frozen fish, thus maintaining the organoleptic characteristics unaltered and is subsequently packaged in convenient vacuum trays and placed on the market.

Furthermore, the company has recently dedicated itself to the preparation of a vast range of fish-based gastronomic preparations to be distributed in retail outlets. Everything is carried out within our factory located in Via Francesco Cilea in Mazara del Vallo within which a HACCP TEAM operates with the task of applying a set of procedures aimed at guaranteeing the maximum quality of our products, in compliance with regulations in force regarding labeling of fish products, hygiene, control of storage temperatures thereof.

C.M. Mare

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